Wholesale Account Info

Please read the following information on Wholesale Accounts.

If you are interested in, or would like to establish a sunTANon Wholesale Account please:

1.       Go to our Website www.suntanon.com.au and go to the top right hand corner and "Create an Account".

2.       Select the icon on the right hand side "Click Here to Register Wholesale Account".

3.       Complete the details on the Registration Form.

4.        Your information will then be reviewed and upon approval, you will be emailed the current Wholesale Price List.

5.        All sunTANon Wholesale orders are to be placed through our website www.suntanon.com.au

(a)      The minimum spend per order is AUD $150 - feel free to order any combination of products.

(b)       Advertised and Online Specials are only available for Retail purchases and do not apply to Wholesale orders.

(c)       Shipping details and payment options are outlined under 'Shipping & Handling'.

All details as outlined on our Terms & Conditions page apply to Wholesale Accounts.

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